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* JINS MEME MT ships to Japan only.

  • Can be used with clear or colored prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Pushing the boundaries of eyewear

These intellectual-looking, half-rimmed sunglasses are suitable for any occasion.
Designed to fit seamlessly into everyday wear, they are equipped with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, making them
ideal for sporting activities. They promise to unearth your full potential and open your eyes to new discoveries.

JINS MEME MT’s three-axis accelerometer sensors and
three-axis gyroscope sensors detect movements of the head,
which forms the body’s axis.

By looking at the quality of these movements,
you can relieve stress and reduce incidents,
making your sporting activities even more enjoyable.




The eyewear features adjustable pads designed to hold the glasses in the right position for a diverse array of faces and situations. The soft, non-slip rubber material is ideal for long wear.



The streamline curved frame continues from the front around to the temples and fits comfortably on the face, even while exercising. It boasts an original JINS MT design modified to incorporate learnings from years of experience. The lenses have a base curve of 6 to shield the eye while playing sport.


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Sunglasses for daytime and outdoor wear

Clear lenses for indoor and nighttime wear

Optional for 2,000JPY (+ tax)

Both can be fitted with prescription lenses for an additional 10,000JPY

now even more convenient!

Lenses can be changed to prescription lenses.


Service Offering

Change to clear lenses (Fee-based option)
Change to prescription lenses (Fee-based option)



The six-axis (accelerometer and gyroscope) sensors track your body movements

The top of the head forms the axis of the body which governs our balance. The six-axis sensors in the eyewear work to accurately detect even the slightest changes in your body axis.


What’s a 6-axis sensor?

A 6-axis sensor is a sensor that can detect motion and rotation speed. The accelerometers read the x, y and z accelerometer sensor values, combined with a gyro sensor to measure angular velocity (rotation speed). JINS MEME glasses are equipped with 6-axis sensors, which detect various movements of your body by simply by wearing the glasses.


Design Philosophy


Satoshi WADA (SWDesign) spearheaded the JINS MEME product design.
Watch the video to find out how he created a cutting-edge design
that seamlessly becomes part of our everyday lifestyle.

Read Transcript

I’m Satoshi Wada. I am a car designer.

I am a product designer, but I mostly work in car design. To tell the truth, this was my first time designing eyewear.

I think people initially expected that the car designer Satoshi Wada would come up with some crazy design. But at the first meeting, I remember saying that I wanted to create just a standard pair of glasses.

Doing otherwise would damage what JINS had worked so hard to build. If you go to a JINS store, you will see people of all ages choosing glasses, and you can really tell that they are truly enjoying the process.

JINS’ glasses are products that support everyday life, so customers generally don’t visit a JINS store in search of a very specific design.

Based on the JINS’ product lineup, I felt the key was a good standard design; a dependable, basic design that is highly adapted to everyday life.

Although we aimed to create a standard design, we approached the project with a world-class eye for detail, craftsmanship, and innovation.

My goal was a beauty in utility. I feel that electrooculography is a wonderful technology with the potential to add new dimensions to our everyday lives. I wanted to create functional style. How could I create synergy between the merits of the device and the glasses?

Then I thought, in essence, glasses are already a complete design, without any embedded devices. In this day and age, we also have to think about mass production. So I decided that the best solution would be to create a platform; a base upon which you could build a wide variety of glasses.

Once we make this the basic platform, we can attach different lenses – in this case an aviator sunglass lens – to create a variety of looks and styles. This means we don’t have to redesign the device every time the shape of the lens changes. We can base variety on the platform.

The proportions of the lens will create cuteness, beauty, or other impressions, changing the look.

To successfully merge the glasses with the device and market them as one combined product, the most logical solution was to create a basic platform upon which various kinds of glasses could be based. So the overriding design concept is a Platform.

This is what I wanted to propose to JINS.