The traditional culture of ZEN has been passed down through the generations in Japan. These days the concept has been adapted into the more familiar concept of mindfulness and is being widely adopted in to the lifestyles of people around the globe.
In recent years in particular, there is growing scientific evidence to indicate that ZEN (meditation) can relieve stress and boost concentration. Based on these findings, ZEN is taking root not just among individuals, but in the corporate management landscape as well with many leading firms in Europe and the United States implementing Zen programs as part of their benefits for employees.
With ZEN expected to further take off overseas, we believe there will be even more of a focus on evaluating one’s ZEN through feedback and scientifically measuring one’s level of meditation training.

JINS MEME ZEN Mindfulness Program
in Shunkoin Temple

  • Zen mindfulness workshop is run by Shunkoin Temple's Rev. Kawakami. / Rev. Kawakami introduces the ZEN technology and how to use the eyewear.

  • The program includes 20 mins of meditation using JINS MEME ZEN.

  • Participants receive a detailed report evaluating their level of meditation, as well as tips on how to achieve a higher level of mindfulness.


Participation fee
4,000 yen / person
  1. 01. Lecture about mindfulness by Rev. Taka Kawakami 40 mins
  2. 02. Explanation on JINS MEME ZEN 10 mins
  3. 03. Meditation using JINS MEME ZEN 20 mins
  4. 04. Report and explain findings 20 mins
Give us a call to sign up! (Within Japan: 075-462-5488 / From overseas:+81.75.462.5488)
Instructor / Adviser

All of class is lead in English by the deputy head priest, Rev. Taka Kawakami.

Rev. Taka Kawakami

Deputy Head Priest at Shunkoin Temple, Mindfulness Coach, Author, the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program Delegate, TEDx Speaker, LGBT Ally, and Seahawks Fan

42 Myoshinji-Cho, Hanazono, Ukyo-Ku Kyoto 616-8035 JAPAN
Contact us

Phone: 075-462-5488


Terms and conditions
  • To attend the class at 9:30 - 11:00 AM (or occasionally 9:00 - 10:30 AM) , reservations required.
  • JINS MEME used in this program are lent out.
  • JINS MEME eyewear do not have prescription lenses fitted.
    You need to participate in the program with the naked eye or wear contact lenses.
  • Group reservations are also accepted.
  • ・Reservations are required for programs offered in Japanese.
About the Mindfulness Program System

We have developed a special system that can evaluate the meditation levels of a group of participating individuals simultaneously. For corporations considering implementing this program, please contact Rev. Kawakami via email on



SIY Engage Programを終了した川上全龍氏の監修により生まれた瞑想トレーニングです。
伝統的な禅トレーニングの手法に加え、JINS MEME ZENを使い瞑想時の集中度を可視化。
トップマネジメントの客観性・判断力・洞察力 などを高めます。

※ 本プログラムは、英語でも受講可能です。

SIY(Search Inside Yourself)とは?

米国SIYLI(Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute)が認める組織と講師によってファシリテートされます。

COURSE 01 : 1 DAY マインドフルネスプログラム in 京都・春光院

1日コース・¥ 5,000 / 人
  • - JINS MEME ZENの紹介
  • - JINS MEME ZENを使った瞑想(1回目)
  • - 中間クリティーク
  • - JINS MEME ZENを使った瞑想(2回目)
  • - 結果説明・フィードバック

COURSE 02 : マインドフルネスプログラム(出張研修)

1日コース・講師料 ¥500,000
+ (¥ JINS MEME¥39,000x人数)

With the JINS MEME ES and ZEN App, you can have your own Zen experience any where you like.

The JINS MEME ES, which use the JINS MEME ZEN App, are available for purchase in stores.

JINS MEME ESは、全国のJINS MEME取り扱い店またはオンラインストアで購入いただけます。

店舗情報を確認する >

JINS Kyoto Teramachi Store

In Kyoto's Teramachi, where strong cultural ties and historical buildings abound, JINS has opened a new store that draws on the local characteristics and is based on the concept of “things that change and things that remain unchanged”. The new store features a special JINS MEME section, which focuses on introducing the JINS MEME ZEN MINDFULNESS PROGRAM.

11:00 AM - 20:00 PM

1F, 406-4 Sakuranocho, Teramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8035

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