turn it on From sights
    to insights

    JINS MEME is a new breed of eyewear that allows you to look inside yourself,
    instead of just at what is in front of you.

    These insights help you see deep within yourself by showing shifts in your emotional state,
    your activity logs, as well as your health.

    Reexamining the conventional role of glasses as a medical device,
    to eyewear that supports a healthy body and mind.
    JINS MEME is reinventing the concept of glasses.

    What is JINS MEME

    = Glasses + App

    1. JINS MEME Eyewear
    2. JINS MEME Eyewear
    3. JINS MEME Eyewear
      The two styles of glasses include the classic and versatile Wellington frame of the JINS MEME ES as well as the half-rimmed JINS MEME MT sunglasses, which are perfect for active outdoors types.
        The selection of apps are lifelogging tools to examine and record the condition of your body and mind. The apps are designed to support a variety of activities including running, driving and core training.

        The future as seen through JINS MEME

        Currently, Japan’s rapidly aging population and the resulting surge in medical costs continue to add pressure to our livelihoods.
        The key to turning this situation around is developing a medical system that focuses on preemptive care;
        this means taking measures to prevent diseases by looking within ourselves.
        In a bid to fully leverage the potential of this sensing technology and further the development of key solutions in the field of preemptive care,
        JINS MEME is committed to further advancing research into preemptive medicine systems
        in collaboration with industry and academic bodies in a variety of medical fields.

        We will continue to look into new applications for JINS MEME in the field of preemptive care.
        And, we are planning to update the JINS MEME app in the spring of 2016 to include preemptive medicine features.