JINS MEME –scientifically-proven wearable eyewear.
In a bid to explore all possible future applications, we offer
the JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK to researchers studying in a wide array of fields.


The JINS MEME ES, designed specifically for academic research purposes, is capable of directly capturing and analyzing data from the electrooculography and six-axis sensors without an API. Also, using the special viewer that comes in the pack, data can be monitored in real time and testing can be carried out quickly.

By leveraging this portable style eyewear with time-extended sensing capabilities, the JINS MEME ES can be used in a wide variety of research fields including information engineering, medicine, psychology and sociology.

ACADEMIC PACK Capabilities

Hassle-free testing with extended
operating time and wireless

Monitoring made easy with
the special raw data viewer

Access reader-friendly data with
the optional analysis service.


We also offer a rental service with
flexible pricing plans.

Flexibility for even short-term projects

We offer versatile rental services along with other optional services to cater to a wide range of needs including rental for one-day workshops or short-term rental for week-long research projects.

How it Works

To begin monitoring, simply turn on the switch on the main unit
and start up the specialized software.

Data is directly collected in real time using electrooculography and six-axis sensors.

This raw data can be seen graphically using the special viewer (DataLogger).
It can also be converted into CSV format.

With the ADCADEMIC PACK, it is possible to obtain raw data
that is not available with the JINS MEME consumer models.

Blink Detection
Raw data saved
using DataLogger
Blink raw
6Axis Sensor Sample Data - Running form Analysis
Raw data saved
using DataLogger
Running raw

Start data analysis service

Overview of data analysis service (optional)

Simply upload from the web browser the raw data file created using the JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK.
The service includes the automatic analysis of raw data using an original algorithm.
The data is then compiled into a downloadable format that is easier to read.

How to Use

  1. 1. Save findings with DataLogger

  2. 2. Upload data to the data
    analysis service page.

  3. 3. You can download results of the
    analysis in 4 different file formats
    whenever you need to.

  4. Interpreting the results (sample.pdf)

Comparison of analysis service and sample data

Below you can view samples of the raw data collected by JINS.
Using the analysis service, you can compare the raw data with the analyzed data results.


JINS MEME Academic Pack